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MATH 20C FA19 E (Swanson)


There are two types of homework: WebAssign and written. WebAssign homework will be accessed online through TritonEd and will be graded. The written homework will not be collected or graded, but you are required to do it. Homework is due weekly on Thursdays at 11 p.m. unless otherwise announced. Homework extensions will not be given. However, you may miss up to 10% of the total number of homework points during the quarter without penalty to your grade.

HW # Due Date Written Homework
1 M: Oct. 7   Written Homework (LaTeX source code)
2 M: Oct. 14   Written Homework (LaTeX source code)
3 M: Oct. 21   Written Homework (LaTeX source code)
4 M: Oct. 28   HW4 is just WebAssign, no written homework
5 M: Nov. 4   Written Homework (LaTeX source code)
6 T: Nov. 12   Written Homework (LaTeX source code)
7 T: Nov. 19   Written Homework (LaTeX source code)
8 W: Nov. 27   Written Homework (LaTeX source code)
9 F: Dec. 6   Written Homework (LaTeX source code)

WebAssign login is handled through TritonEd. Details will be posted shortly. To access WebAssign: The first time you "Access WebAssign", you will need to create a "Cengage account" or login to your Cengage account if you already have one. TritonEd will remember your Cengage account info, so you won't normally have to re-enter it. If you take another class using WebAssign, you should link it to the same Cengage account. (Cengage is the company that owns WebAssign.) On subsequent logins, you can either login to TritonEd and select "Access WebAssign", or you can login with your Cengage account at

WebAssign access code and grace period: Problems logging in:


For some questions, the "calcPad" menu appears when you click in an answer box. This lets you enter mathematical expressions/formulas with special formatting and symbols. Here are a few examples to get you started, but this is not a complete list: