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MATH 20C FA19 E (Swanson)


INSTRUCTOR:   Josh Swanson

TITLE:   Calculus and Analytic Geometry for Science and Engineering

DESCRIPTION:   Vector geometry, vector functions and their derivatives. Partial differentiation. Maxima and minima. Double integration.


Homework:  We will have two different kinds of homework assignments: online homework which will be graded and written homework which will not be collected or graded.
Attendance:  You are paying quite a lot for my time and the TA's time, so take advantage of it! That includes attending lecture, discussion section, and office hours. Your tuition also supports the tutoring options listed below. Take advantage of the tools available to you to succeed!
Podcasts:  I will be doing audio/visual podcasts of lecture this quarter. The system is entirely automated, so there may be quirks from time to time.
Reading:  Reading the sections of the textbook corresponding to the lectures and assigned homework exercises is considered to be part of each homework assignment.
Piazza:  We will use Piazza for class announcements and discussions. The top 15 contributors on Piazza (as measured by "contributions" on the Stats tab) will get 1% added to their raw final weighted score at the end of the quarter. Post on Piazza whenever you're confused about homework, the lecture, the textbook, course logistics, or anything relevant to the course. Do not let yourself be silenced by the fear of looking stupid. Your classmates, the TA's, and I will answer. You have the option of posting anonymously to classmates, though I encourage you to post as yourself to foster a sense of community with your classmates. You are strongly encouraged to post messages on Piazza instead of emailing me or the TA's directly. Private posts can be made if needed.
GradeScope:  We will use GradeScope to grade exams, handle exam returns, and handle regrade requests. Regrade requests are for when the rubric has been marked incorrectly. They are not for arguing with the rubric. More details will be announced during the quarter.
Grading:  Your composite score will be the higher of the following two weighted averages of your percentages on homework and exams: The course will be curved. See exam philosophy for further information.

You must pass the final examination in order to pass the course.

HELP:   Help is available from me and the TA's during office hours. I also recommend the following resources:

ACCOMODATIONS:   Students with special needs or disabilities must provide the instructor with an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letter issued by the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) in the first week of class, or as soon as possible if the situation arises later. Arrangements for UCSD Athletics teams, documented medical emergencies, etc., must be requested with appropriate documentation as soon as possible.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY:   Cheating will not be tolerated. See the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship.