Getting Started

  1. Read the syllabus.
  2. Look through the calendar, especially exam dates.
  3. Look through the course's TritonEd page, especially the "Content" area.
  4. Read about the labs, including use of Minitab and TritonEd-based submissions. The first lab is due Friday, April 5th.
  5. Get the textbook with MyStatLab access. See syllabus for details.
  6. Log in to MyStatLab through TritonEd. The first homework is due Wednesday, April 10th.
  7. Log in to Piazza.

Exam Information

Midterm 1: 26 Apr 2019 (Friday, 50 minutes, in lecture) — Chapters 3-15.
Midterm 2: 24 May 2019 (Friday, 50 minutes, in lecture) — Chapters 15-21 and the Continuous Random Variables handout.
Final Exam: 13 Jun 2019 (Thursday, 11:30am-2:30pm in lecture hall, LEDDN AUD) — The final exam is cumulative and includes every topic from the course, with an emphasis on material not covered on the other exams.

Copies of Math 11 exams from a two previous terms can be found in TritonEd in the "Past Exams Folder" in the "Content" area. Be aware that exams naturally vary each time a course is taught.

Further Links